Numerical analysis on the forced oscillation of the cable and hose in alongside liquid cargo replenishment

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    The dynamic problem of the cable with hose of alongside liquid cargo replenishment of ship was analysed, in and the effects of inclination angle of the cable, the position of saddle, the span of the cable were considered. The stress state of the cable and hose at each saddle position were obtained by the principle of statics. Then the dynamic model of the cable and hose of alongside liquid cargo replenishment were simplified to the cable system with multiple lumped masses. The higherorder modal truncation of partial differential dynamic model was carried out by the Galerkin method. Moreover the dynamic characteristics of this system were analyzed under typical operating conditions. The results shows that there were complex dynamic characteristics in this system, such as typical period and chaos. The effects of the cable span and damping on the dynamic characteristics of the system were analyzed.

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