Anoptimal control model for a new type of computer virus

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    Due to the existence of computer virus, large numbers of computers cannot run normally. It usually results in huge loss. To this end, an control model for a new type of computer virus based on a general computer virus model is proposed in this paper. Firstly, a new type of computer virus model is improved, and the control is taken into account. The optimal control problem is then proposed. Meanwhile, the existence of optimal control is proved. Pontryagin’s minimal principal is employed to analyze the optimal control. Finally, the theory analysis is also supplemented as a comparison work. The simulating results shows that under the condition without control, the basic reproductive number is obtained from the original model, and it is bigger than 1. Moreover, above conclusion indicates that there exists the endemic equilibrium, and it leads to the outbreak of the computer virus finally. The numerical modeling shows that through the optimal control strategy, the spread of computer virus can be prevented effectively.

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