High-speed plow body surface structure normalized design and modal analy

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    South Xinjiang is an important agricultural production base in China. Due to its unique geographical location,the soil of agricultural land is subjected to soil caking and high salinity,which seriously hinders the normal growth of crops. In order to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture,deep ploughing has become a necessary part of improving the soil environment,and the highspeed plough is an important ploughing machine to achieve efficient deep ploughing,but the domestic highspeed plough basic design theory lacks integrity,systematization and standardization,This is one of the key factors leading to a gap between the highspeed adaptability of domestic highspeed ploughs and imported highspeed ploughs. Highspeed ploughs are agricultural implements with an operating speed of over 7km/h. This paper takes the curved surface of highspeed ploughs as the object of study,and focuses on the design method of the curved surface of highspeed ploughs and the influence of structural parameters on their inherent characteristics. Firstly,based on the horizontal straight element line method,the design method of highspeed plough body surface is proposed,and the design of highspeed plough body surface is standardised,forming a relatively complete and standardised design method of highspeed plough body surface. Secondly,the modal analysis of the specific highspeed plough body surface is carried out using finite element software to obtain the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the highspeed plough body surface. Finally,the effects of changes in height deviation,guide curve opening,guide curve mounting angle and spar angle on the inherent frequency of the curved surface of the highspeed plough are investigated.The results of this paper provide a reference for the design and optimisation of high speed plough structures, and provide an appropriate complement to the basic design theory of high speed ploughs.

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